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5L/10L medical equipment portable high flow oxygen concentrator

Short Description:

24 hours/7 days continuous oxygen supply 1-10L high flow and 93%±3% purity medical equipment and home use portable oxygen concentrator

Product Detail

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Product selling point
1. Improve sleep quality
2. Improve respiratory diseases
3. Improve dizziness, headache
4. Eliminate fatigue,refresh the brain
5. To prevent disease
6. Improve immunity of pregnant women,the elderly longevity
7. Enhance the absorption of medicinal effect and improve the condition for the special patients



Parameter characteristics of the product

Model No. CP301 CP501 CP801 CP101
Flow 1-3L 1-5L 1-8L 1-10L
Pressure (40-60)kPa
Voltage/Frequency 220V/50Hz±1Hz or 115V/60Hz
Purity 93%±3%
Operation  environment Temperature:5℃-40℃ Humidity≤80% Atmospheric  pressure:86kPa-106kPa
Power consumption 210w VA 300w VA 480w VA 650w VA
Weight 11.8kg 14.5kg 19.5kg 20.5kg
Noise <43dB(A) <45dB(A) <48dB(A) <52dB(A)
Dimensin 400*300*540mm
Transporation/storage  condition Temperature:5℃-40℃ Humidity≤80% Atmospheric  pressure:86kPa-106kPa
Equipment  class&type(Optional) Class II and TypeB
OCSL indicator ≤82%±3%,yellow light ≤72%,red light,need servers

Product and picture display
360°universal wheel is mobile and convenient . portable for medical and home use.

Dustproof Storage Design
According to the need to store the oxygen tube and other related accessories , more intimate ,better use

Led display
1.power indicator(green light):device operates routinely.
2.Normal oxygen(green light):93%±3%purity.
3.Low oxygen (yellow light):below 82%±3%oxygen purity,call service.
4.Alarm (red light):below 72%oxygen purity,turn off the device and call service.
5.Digital display slot.
9-layer filtration system to get pure oxygen
Integrated nebulizer function

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