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MSA99 Spirometer Vital Capacity Test, Forced Vital Capacity Test

Short Description:

1. Meet the ITS, NIOSH, ERS and DIAGNOSIS standard.
2. Multi-language display and measurement report.
3. With precision flow sensor, easy to clean and sterilize, long-term durability.
4. 5.7″ 320-240 dots LCD, memory capacity 300 measurement records.

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Main measurement parameters of MSA99

VC Vital Capacity MMF The maximum mid-expiratory flow, same as MMEF
ERV Expiratory Reserve Volume PEF Peak Expiratory Flow
IRV Inspiratory Reserve Volume MEF75 Maximum Expiratory Flow Rate when 75% FVC remains, same as FEF25


Tidal Volume MEF50 Maximum Expiratory Flow Rate when 50% FVC remains, same as FEF50
IC Inspiratory Capacity MEF25 Maximum Expiratory Flow Rate when 25% FVC remains, same as FEF75
FVC Forced Vital Capacity FIVC Forced Inspired Vital Capacity
FEV0.5 Forced Expiratory Volume in 0.5s FIV0.5 0.5s Forced Inspired Volume
FEV1.0 Forced Expiratory Volume in 1s FIV1.0 1s Forced Inspired Volume
FEV3.0 Forced Expiratory Volume in 3s FIV1.0/FVC Forced Inspired Volume in 1s/ Forced Vital Capacity
FEV1.0%G Forced Expiratory Volume in 1s/Forced Vital Capacity FIV1.0/FIVC Forced Inspired Volume in 1s/Forced Inspired Vital Capacity
FEV1.0%T Forced Expiratcxy Volume in 1sA/ital Capacity PIF Peak Inspiratory Flow
FEV3.0%G Forced Expiratory Volume in 3s/ Forced Vital Capacity MIF50% Inspiratory Flow in 50% Inspired Vital Capacity
FEV3.0%T Forced Expiratory Volume in 3s/Vital Capacity MW Maximum Voluntary Ventilation
Vext Volume of Expiration RR Respiratory rate per minute
EX Time Expiratory Time TV(MVV) Tidal Volume in MW measurement

MSA99 Spirometer
1.Meet the ITS, NIOSH, ERS and DIAGNOSIS standard
2.Multi-language display and measurement report
3.With precision flow sensor, easy to clean and sterilize, long-term durability
4.5.7″ 320-240 dots LCD, memory capacity 300 measurement records
5.Built-in precise 110mm thermal printer
6.Small size, light weight and easy to carry
7.It can be connected to PC station through USB port, performing a pulmonary function test directly with PC station, also thousands of measurement records can be stored.
8.PC workstation supports the measurement and post-bronchodilator test
9.PC workstation supports multi-language display and report printing
10.Support prediction equation for different races, including ITS, ECGS, KNUDSON, MORRIS / DOLGAR prediction equations.
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