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| Advantages and disadvantages of bubble facial mask

The advantage is that it can deeply clean the skin, exfoliate and whiten the skin. The disadvantage is that it will make the skin dry. Pay attention to moisturizing after use. Now there are many kinds of facial mask in the market. Bubble facial mask stands out because of its deep cleaning ability, without any side effects. The disadvantage can be ignored as long as you pay attention to skin care and moisturizing.

Bubble facial mask is a facial mask integrating whitening, moisturizing and detoxification. Bubble facial mask can mainly discharge wastes and dirt deep in pores, effectively brighten facial skin. It is a functional cleaning facial mask with better effect than general patch facial mask. After using the bubble facial mask, not only will it suck out all the garbage in the facial skin, but also will suck out the moisture. Therefore, it is necessary to use moisturizing products to protect skin after use. Toner, lotion and face cream are essential. If you do not use moisturizing and moisturizing skin care products in time, your skin will become very dry. If you master the correct use method, the bubble cleaning facial mask will not cause damage to your skin.

Bubble cleaning facial mask can only be used two or three times a week at most. This facial mask cannot be used too frequently. If the skin stratum corneum is thick, there will not be too serious problems after use, but if the skin stratum corneum is thin, the skin will become worse after use. If used too long or frequently, it is easy to cause damage to the skin.



Post time: Nov-22-2022