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Tech. Sharing | Difference between intelligent sphygmomanometer and ordinary sphygmomanometer

1.The pressure of intelligent compression can change with the patient’s blood pressure. The normal pressure can only be increased to about 255, which is not applicable to patients whose blood pressure is higher than about 220.
2.Intelligent pressurization is comfortable and accurate, because no excessive pressure is applied to the arm, which can avoid the instability of blood pressure measurement caused by discomfort caused by excessive pressurization, so as to avoid the impact on the measurement accuracy. Because the intelligent pressurization technology requires the use of silent air pump, and the noisy air pump cannot be used for the intelligent pressurized sphygmomanometer, the use process is also quiet;
3.The full-automatic electronic sphygmomanometer pressurizes to 180mmhg at one time and then depressurizes. If the user’s blood pressure exceeds 180mmhg, it is easy to pressurize twice. Intelligent pressurization can set different pressurization values according to different human conditions, so as to achieve rapid and stable pressurization.
In a word, electronic sphygmomanometers are generally intelligent and can fully automatically inflate, measure pressure and exhaust. There are additional functions such as memory and voice, but the price is expensive; Manual operation is troublesome. If the pressure is too low, the test pulse rate is not accurate. You must learn to operate before you can choose a manual sphygmomanometer. If you need to measure blood pressure for a long time, it is not recommended to buy a manual pressurized sphygmomanometer, although the price is cheaper. Choose your own products according to your own needs. No matter what kind of sphygmomanometer you choose, please use it under the guidance of a professional doctor.


Post time: Aug-17-2022