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Tech. Sharing | Difference between intraocular lens and intraocular lens

The main difference between intraocular lens and self crystal is that intraocular lens is not adjustable, and has a fixed diopter and degree, while self crystal has an adjustment range, which has a certain elasticity, and can match the size of pupil, so that the vision of far and near eyes can reach the highest standard. Therefore, the characteristics of intraocular lens are not as high as those of its own lens, but when cataract disease occurs, the advantages of its own lens cannot be brought into play. Because the lens is turbid, it will reduce the light transmittance and cause serious deterioration of vision and visual function. Therefore, when white cataract occurs, intraocular lens implantation surgery should be used to replace its own lens. Because the intraocular lens itself has high transparency, and because its material is not invasive to local cataract cells, it will not cause secondary cataract, so intraocular lens should be used for replacement treatment.

With the growth of age, the weight of self crystal will gradually increase and the transparency will decrease. Natural lens will participate in human metabolism, while artificial lens will not. Intraocular lens is a foreign body, which may be rejected. You should pay attention to rest and Regularl Countercheck

Post time: Aug-29-2022