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Tech. Sharing | Do you wash your face after using freeze-dried powder essence

There is no need to wash your face and clean the surface of your skin after using freeze-dried powder. Lyophilized powder can be used as essence, and the effect of skin care is relatively good. First clean the skin, then use toner, then use freeze-dried powder, and then use moisturizing lotion and face cream. Lyophilized powder needs to be used together with enzyme lysate, so that it can be better absorbed by the skin. First take out the freeze-dried powder, then gently open the bottle cap according to the mark on the bottle cap, rotate it clockwise, open the metal part, and then remove the rubber plug. Add the lysozyme solution to the lyophilized powder, cover the glue head and shake it appropriately, so that the lyophilized powder and lysozyme solution can be more fully dissolved. Take off the top cap and squeeze the part of the rubber head. The mixed lyophilized powder can not be used for more than a week, and must be used up within five days to a week. Lyophilized powder can better penetrate into the muscle base and has a very good effect of repairing the skin. The function of each freeze-dried powder is different. Some freeze-dried powders are used to moisturize the skin, while some freeze-dried powders are used to fade acne marks, repair the skin, shrink pores and many other different effects. The nutritional content of lyophilized powder is very high. Pay attention to the amount of lyophilized powder when you use it. You can use three to five drops each time.


Post time: Nov-01-2022