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Tech. Sharing | Freeze dried facial mask | freeze fresh, freeze beauty

the most valuable part of the general sheet facial mask is the essence contained in it. Through special technology, the precious raw materials in essence can be effectively preserved, and then applied to the face to be absorbed by the skin, so as to achieve the corresponding moisturizing, whitening, anti wrinkle and other effects. In addition to ordinary facial mask, there is also a freeze-dried facial mask on the market. Let’s learn about it

How to maximize the active ingredients of facial mask? How to ensure the maximum effect of releasing ingredients when applied on the face? The technological breakthrough of freeze-dried facial mask has brought new facial mask forms and widened the category boundary of facial mask. As an innovative category, most people don’t know about freeze-dried facial mask.

Freeze drying? What is freeze-dried facial mask?

Freeze dried facial mask is a kind of facial mask that combines high concentration facial mask stock solution and other effective ingredients with film cloth fibers, and then instantly freezes at -40 ℃, and then sublimates the water through vacuum drying technology to form a solid dry film. The freeze-dried facial mask does not contain water and is not easy to breed microorganisms, so without adding preservatives, it not only makes the intensive repair of the facial mask more reassuring, but also allows the ingredients in the facial mask to be preserved completely and for a long time like “hibernation”.

Freeze dried facial mask? How to use the dry facial mask?

When using, pour in essence water or purified water, and the freeze-dried facial mask will immediately turn into a sticky essence like wet facial mask. The active essence of thousands of dormant states carried by the membrane cloth can instantly revitalize, effectively penetrate into the muscle bottom layer, and revitalize the skin from the inside out.


Post time: Nov-09-2022