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Tech. Sharing | How to choose a reliable body fat scale

1. Choose the body fat scale with large area and large number of metal sheets: at present, whether it is a household body fat scale, or a body fat scale used in gyms and hospital physical examination centers, the body fat rate is measured by the bioelectrical impedance method, that is, “BIA test method”. The body impedance value is measured by the tiny current sent out by the electrode sheet, and the content of body fat and muscle is calculated by inserting the algorithm model in combination with the height, weight, gender and age of the tester. The body fat scale mainly relies on the conductivity of metal sheets to detect, so if you want to be more accurate, you’d better choose those body fat scales with large contact area and large number of human skin and metal sheets, so that the error will be smaller and the data will be more accurate.

2. The supporting app has complete functions and comprehensive measurement data: in the past, people would look down and check the measurement data after standing on the scale, but in fact, this action will reduce the detection accuracy to a certain extent, so now many measurement data of body fat scale will be recorded in the cloud in real time by the corresponding app, which is convenient for people to monitor their physical condition anytime and anywhere. Based on this, the functions of supporting apps are naturally included in our consideration criteria. In order to meet the needs of consumers of all ages, a good body fat scale supporting app must first be easy to use, with concise pages, clear data, and intuitive response to the measurement results, so that people can see at a glance and reduce the threshold of use.

3. With powerful endurance function, it is best to choose a rechargeable body fat scale: the body fat scale on the market is generally divided into two types: rechargeable and battery. However, from the perspective of environmental protection, it is recommended that you choose a rechargeable body fat scale first, and if it is used for a long time, the purchase of battery is also an additional expense. Secondly, because the battery type of the body fat scale is slightly different from that of our traditional weight scale, unless it is the special battery of the body fat scale, it will cause some damage to the body fat scale after replacing other ordinary batteries, so the cost performance of the rechargeable body fat scale will be higher.

The era of thin as beauty has long passed. Having a healthy and energetic body is the ultimate goal of exercise and weight loss. The first step to a healthy body is to have a body fat scale!

Post time: Sep-09-2022