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Tech. Sharing | Is the air sterilizer harmful to the human body?

The air sterilizer is divided into two types of air sterilizers: man-machine separation and man-machine coexistence.
Man-machine separation air sterilizers include ozone sterilization air sterilizers, etc.:
The ozone generated by the ozone disinfection type air sterilizer is only harmful to the human body when the concentration is high, and it is harmless to the human body when the concentration is low, so it is only necessary to separate the human and the machine when the sterilizer is working.
Human-machine coexistence type sterilizers include plasma air sterilizers, etc.:
The plasma sterilizer uses a specific voltage to convert the electrons in the atoms in the air into charged ions. The microparticles in the air will generate millions of positive and negative ions under the action of the plasma generator. At the same time, in the process of forming the charged ions A lot of energy is released. The plasma air sterilizer is based on the generated charged ions and the released energy to sterilize and sterilize. It can perform all-weather disinfection and purification under dynamic conditions. When sterilizing indoor air, patients and medical staff do not have to leave.


Post time: Jul-13-2022