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Tech. Sharing | The choice of masks: “high epidemic prevention” or “high appearance”?


With the global spread of the COVID-19, masks have gradually become an essential anti-epidemic product for people’s daily travel. In addition to medical masks with anti-epidemic effects, some companies have also launched high-value printed masks, and some manufacturers use the banner of “antibacterial and antiviral” to attract consumers. but it is not the truth.
The website of the State Food and Drug Administration announced that the non-medical masks currently on the market claiming to be “antibacterial and antiviral” will introduce new risks if the clinical effectiveness has not been fully verified. At present, in the premarket evaluation of medical devices, the risk-benefit ratio of continuous and long-term use of such products is insufficient and does not have significant clinical significance.
Relevant experts said that the outer packaging of regular medical surgical masks should be marked with the standard code, and consumers should pay attention to checking them when purchasing. At present, the three standard models of medical masks are: medical protective masks GB19083-2010, medical surgical masks YY0469-2011, and disposable medical masks YY/T0969-2013. You can check the product registration number on the official website of the “National Medical Products Administration”. If you can find it, it is in line with national regulations, and it is a compliant mask, which can be used with confidence.

Post time: Jun-28-2022