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Tech. Sharing | The difference between an air sterilizer and an air purifier

1. What is an air purifier? What is an air sterilizer?
Air purifiers refer to products that can absorb, decompose or convert various air pollutants to effectively improve air cleanliness
The air sterilizer is a machine that sterilizes and disinfects the air. It can filter and disinfect harmful substances in the air, limit the reproduction and spread of germs, and have a good control effect on infectious diseases and the spread of germs.
2. What are the uses of air purifiers and air sterilizers?
Air purifiers are used to improve indoor air pollution and are generally used for household air purification; while air sterilizers are medical-grade medical equipment that are often used in hospitals to avoid unnecessary infections and diseases caused by bacteria and viruses.
3. Can the air sterilizer only be used in hospitals?
As more and more people pay attention to the air quality of the home environment, air sterilizers now generally integrate the function of air purifiers: by setting multi-material filter elements and configuring large air volume machines to promote air circulation, it can also effectively filter and purify Air, providing double protection of purification and disinfection: the indoor bacteria air is sucked into the disinfection equipment equipped with plasma, ultraviolet, ozone, negative ions and filters, after disinfection, sterilization, purification, adsorption, dust removal, and then output Outside the machine, it constitutes a clean circulation system for indoor air. The air sterilizer can not only be applied to hospitals, but also can be used for company disinfection, school disinfection and improvement of home air environment for sterilization protection.


Post time: Jul-12-2022