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Tech. Sharing | The difference between body fat scale and weight scale

In the past, people usually used a weight scale, but now people prefer to buy a body fat scale. What is the difference between the two? And body fat scale, how do we usually choose? Let’s discuss it now

1. Different use methods

The body fat scale must step on the scale barefoot and contact with the metal sheet or conductive film to measure other data. Some body fat scales also need to hold the measuring rod tightly with both hands, and then input detailed data such as gender, height, weight, age, etc. When standing on the scale, balance your feet to ensure the accuracy of the value.

2. Different measurement data

In addition to weight, the body fat scale can also measure body fat, muscle mass, protein and other data. When an electrical signal of a certain frequency passes through the human body, the “impedance” of the fat part is higher than that of muscle and other human tissues. Muscle contains more water than blood, which can conduct electricity, while fat does not conduct electricity. Because the channel conductor of current in the body is muscle, the content of fat, muscle and other components can be measured from the difficulty of current passing

3. Different tendencies

The body fat scale is more inclined to health, while the weight scale is more inclined to body shape. If you pay more attention to physical fitness, it is recommended to choose a body fat scale, but if you just want to measure your weight simply, it is recommended to choose a weight scale.

4. Different prices

Relatively speaking, the body fat scale is more expensive than the weight scale, because the body fat scale measures more data.

Post time: Sep-08-2022