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Tech. Sharing | What are the advantages of plasma sterilizers compared to other sterilization products?


Ozone purification technology: Ozone is now very mature and widely recognized. Ozone has a strong disinfection and sterilization function, and can also effectively remove various odors and various decoration pollution, but ozone will also damage the human body. , Ozone itself is non-toxic, mainly because of its strong oxidizing properties, it will stimulate the human mucous membranes, so when using ozone, it is best not to be present, so it is generally used for industrial waste gas treatment.
Ultraviolet disinfection: Ultraviolet rays can achieve the purpose of sterilization and disinfection. It has high radiation intensity and can damage the skin and eyes. Exposure to UV disinfection lamps can cause changes in the skin such as redness, pain, and scaling. However, high-performance UV machines can achieve coexistence of humans and machines without harming people, but such machines have relatively high lamp losses and are not environmentally friendly. Compared with UV disinfection, plasma sterilizers have a longer life and higher cost performance
Negative ion purification technology: Negative ions are negative ions generated by the combination of oxygen molecules in the negatively charged air and tiny water molecules. Generally, the negative ion generator uses its negative high voltage to ionize the air to generate a large number of negative ions, and the negative ions generated neutralize a small amount of positive ions naturally existing in the natural air, producing a certain amount of energy release, which can effectively cause changes in the surrounding bacterial structure or energy conversion in an instant. Causes bacteria to die and achieve sterilization. The amount of positive ions naturally present in the natural air is quite small, so its bactericidal effect is very small. Therefore, the negative ion generator is not as good as the sterilization effect of the positive and negative ion generator (plasma generator).
Plasma purification technology: The main working principle of the plasma generator is to increase the low voltage to positive and negative high voltage through a booster circuit, ionize the positive and negative high pressure air (mainly oxygen), and generate a large number of positive and negative ions. . The number of negative ions is greater than the number of positive ions (the number of negative ions is about 1.5 times that of positive ions). At the same time, the positive and negative ions generated in the air neutralize the positive and negative charges, resulting in a huge energy release, resulting in changes in the structure of surrounding bacteria or energy conversion, resulting in the death of bacteria and achieving its bactericidal effect. Since the number of negative ions is greater than that of positive ions, the excess negative ions still float in the air, which can eliminate smoke, dust, and odors, improve air quality, and thus promote human health. This is why plasma sterilizers are the best seller

Post time: Jun-22-2022