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Tech. Sharing | What are the functions and uses of smart watches? Which is better?

Compared with traditional watches, the biggest advantage of smart watches is that they can provide various intelligent functions. The role of smart watches is not only to watch time, but also to push messages, record sports, health detection and other purposes.

1. According to different applicable groups, smart watches can be divided into three categories: adult smart watches, which have the widest function coverage; Children’s smart watches pay more attention to GPS, voice or video call functions; The elderly smart watch focuses more on the health detection function.

2. In addition, it can be subdivided into various styles according to different aspects such as appearance, size, system, function coverage, etc. it can be selected according to personal use needs. Specific suggestions are as follows:

Choose a square or round dial according to your preferences;

According to the thickness of the wrist, choose different dial sizes (for round dial, boys recommend 46mm, girls suggest 42mm or 40mm or more);

If there is business demand, you can consider smart watches with business style;

If you pay more attention to health and exercise functions, you can focus on whether there are health monitoring functions such as heart rate, blood oxygen, blood pressure, etc. if there is a need for ECG monitoring, it is recommended to add ECG options.

With the development of smart watches, more and more functions can be realized, including:

Motor function. Basic motion data detection, automatic detection of a variety of motion modes, including running, swimming, cycling, yoga, strength training, etc., support three or even four kinds of satellite positioning systems to provide more accurate motion trajectories, provide motion effect evaluation, introductory to advanced courses in running, professional evaluation of running posture, etc;

Physiological monitoring. Common heart rate detection, sleep detection, pressure detection, and blood oxygen detection provide breathing training, and integrate a variety of parameters to improve a health index and better evaluate physical condition;

Daily life entertainment. Common NFC, payment, message reminder, alarm clock, and some support AI voice assistant, such as Xiaomi’s built-in Xiaoai classmate; Then it also supports Bluetooth calls, ESIM independent calls, music playback, and those who can install apps can also send wechat, chat QQ, view Baidu maps, and use apps such as keep. It has richer functions, which is equivalent to a smaller version of mobile phones, and can only be slightly replaced.


Post time: Oct-20-2022