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Tech. Sharing | What can ultrasonic cleaning machine wash?

With the development of science and technology and the mutual penetration of related technical fields, ultrasonic technology is not only widely used in engineering, machinery, electronics, chemical industry, biology, medical and other fields, but also plays a huge role in daily life. I believe everyone knows that ultrasound has many functions, including ultrasonic tooth washing machine and ultrasonic cleaning machine. Many people will have such a question, that is, what does the ultrasonic cleaning machine clean?
Glasses, jewelry, watches, razors, cosmetic tools, etc. are easy to breed bacteria after a long time of use, and the scrubbing of the surface will not be able to go deep into the gap for cleaning. The ultrasonic cleaning machine carries out all-round cleaning, and cleans the complex internal and external surface shapes, slits, deep holes, corners, dead corners and other parts of the washed objects in the cleaning solution, creating a fresh and clean journey for small objects.
The ultrasonic cleaning machine can also clean pacifiers, bottles, dentures, braces, etc. Under the action of ultrasound, numerous tiny cavitation bubbles are produced in the liquid. Bubbles will burst immediately after they are formed. This process will produce a strong impact, impact and peel off the stains on the surface of the object, so as to achieve an efficient cleaning effect and make the object look new.
In addition, office supplies such as pens and ink cartridges, dishes and tableware, melons, fruits and vegetables can also be cleaned by ultrasonic cleaning machine, which has the effect of efficient cleaning, sterilization and disinfection. Appropriate cleaning additives are selected for different types of dirt. Ultrasonic can clean all kinds of dirt, such as oil, polishing paste, rust, oxide, blood, fingerprint, paint, tea scale, carbon deposition, dust, nuclear pollution, etc.


Post time: Jul-08-2022