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YY 0646-2008 YY 0646-2008 Small Steam Sterilizer for hospital

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24 hours/7 days continuous oxygen supply 1-10L high flow and 93%±3% purity medical equipment and home use portable oxygen concentrator

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Product information
Product Standard No. YY 0646-2008 YY 0646-2008 Small Steam Sterilizer
Product Name

 High Temperature High Pressure Ste<

im Sterilizer
Model S-16BE(BC)

S-18BE(BC) S-23BE(BC)

 Technical parameters  External Dimensions(LXWXH) 616x460x420
 Chamber Dimension (diameter x Depth ) 230x360mm 250x360mm 250x450mm
Working Pressure and Temperature 0.9~1.3bar/121°C
 Power Consumption 1600W 1700W 1900W
 Sterilizing Grade CLASS B
 Display LED or LCD
Steriliztion Records USB,external printer (optional)
 Control Accuracy  Temperature 0.1*C, Pressure 0.001 bar
Security Safety Valve, Mechical and Electric lock,
取障自检,窟温羸压麻庐 Pressure System, Self-Diagnosis, Pressure-Protection
Special Decive, heating-exceeding HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis b (HBV),mad cow virus and spore
Test Programmers BD Test; Vacuum Test
Drying Progress Three Times Pulsation Vacuum, Temperature less than  vo. 2% 0.2% after finish.


Bare Apparatus Package Apparatus B+ B&D Test Vacuum Test Generator
 Working Temperature 134 134 134 134
Working Pressure I 2』。 tio I 2』。


2.10 2.10
Warming-up(about) 0~7min
Pumpdown Time 4min 10m in 4min clean20min
Air Intake Time (about) 7~10min 4~7min 7~10min 4~7min 7~10min 7min
Sterilizering Time 4m in 6min 4min

6m in

18min 3.5m in 保压10m in

Drying Time

18min Dry 4m in
Quick Drying Time 9min/4min
Total Time( About) 36min 40m in 45m in 58m in 20m in 14min 20m in

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