VinnieVincent Medical Group

Over 15 Years Of Experience In International Bulk Trade

Preferred Supplier From Governments In Many Countries Around The World

About Us

Who We Are

VinnieVincent Medical Group was first established in 2006 and consists of several subsidiaries. The total registered capital of several subsidiaries of the company group is nearly CNY 100 million (VinnieVincent (Chengdu) International Trade Co., Ltd. with a registered capital of CNY 10 million), involving many industrial fields such as copper alloy, medical treatment, black technology, cosmetics and so on.

Since 2012, the group has set up a special medical team to provide guarantee for the sales and service of medical equipment and consumables.

In 2018, under the strategic deployment of the company group, while taking charge of the domestic medical sector, we took the overseas market as its development focus, and our customers spread all over the world.

In 2020, the medical export amount of VinnieVincent Medical Group exceeded CNY 500 million.

VinnieVincent Medical Group is a SGS certified company, which has rich experience in government procurement and centralized procurement of large enterprises. It is also the preferred supplier for many governments and large enterprises.

What We Do

VinnieVincent Medical Group specializing in PPE, COVID-19 antigen detection reagent, ventilator, defibrillator, medical air disinfector, oxygen concentrator, Blood Pressure Monitor,anesthesia machine, patient monitor, and other related medical products sales. At present, the products are sold to more than 90 countries (eg. the Middle East, United States, Europe, Brunei, Indonesia and so on.)
VinnieVincent is an international large-scale trading company with medical equipment, medical consumables, medical epidemic prevention and other medical products as the core. It has a rich supply chain in the world and is also the exclusive general distributor of various large-scale medical companies in many countries.


Why Choose Us

We can provide the most high quality products with FCC, ROHScPSE, CE, FDA, SGS, TUV verification.

We have a strong supply chain and global freight capacity (able to undertake large and super large orders);

We have more than enough rich experience in import and export (We are the preferred supplier for many governments around the world);

We can provide professional, instant and high quality 24-7 uninterrupted service, you can contact us any time any where.

VinnieVincent License

VinnieVincent Medical Group has obtained various top medical qualifications (such as the highest level of class III medical device business license, class II medical device business license) and medical device import and export license issued by the Chinese government in China.
VinnieVincent has been recognized by many customers at home and abroad with high-quality products and services, and is deeply trusted and supported by them.