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animal x ray machine Pet Health Check

Short Description:

Maximum power: 5KW
Voltage: 40-110kv
current: 32ma-100ma 32-315mas
optical time: 0.01-6.35
working frequency: > 30kHz

Product Detail

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Product parameters:

High frequency X-ray head
Maximum power 5KW
Voltage 40-110kv
current 32ma-100ma 32-315mas
optical time 0.01-6.35
working frequency > 30kHz
power type  220V ± 10% 50Hz / 60Hz
variable mode PWM
Flat panel detector
Detector category non product silicon scintillator CSL image
size 35 × 43cm
pixel matrix 2560 × 3072
pixel ask distance  140mad conversion 16bt
spatial resolution 3jlp / mm
spatial resolution 3jlp / mm
drawing time 2s
battery standby 10h

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