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Sterile Latex Surgical Gloves

Short Description:

Sterile Latex Surgical Gloves
Product Properties and Composition:This product is made from natural latex, thru the procedure sequence of preparation latex compound, coagulant dipping, latex dipping, pre-leaching, drying and curing, post-leaching, wet powdering, gloves stripping, and offline dry and cure tumbling.

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Product Name:Sterile Latex Surgical Gloves
Size: 6.5, 7, 7.5, 8, 8.5,
Varieties:Powdered and Powder-Free,Textured Surface。
Manufacturer Name:Shandong Yuyuan Latex Gloves Co., Ltd
Manufacturer Manufacturing Address:Industrial Zone, Linqing City, 252600 Shandong Province, China
Contact Detail:Industrial Zone, Linqing City, Shandong Province, China. Postal Code:252600
Product Standard:Product compliance to ISO10282:2002 standard
Product Properties and Composition:This product is made from natural latex, thru the procedure sequence of
Preparation Latex Compound, Coagulant Dipping, Latex Dipping, Pre-Leaching, Drying and Curing, Post-Leaching,
Wet Powdering, Gloves Stripping, and Offline Dry and Cure Tumbling. All materials were harmless and safe for use in
medical device, provide excellent flexibility and tear resistant. Rolled cuff for donning easily. Do not contain stimulating
materials; it can be decomposed naturally after using
Scope:Applicable to the surgical operation to protect patients and users, and to avoid cross-infection.
1. This product adopts ethylene oxide gas to sterile.
2. Use forbidden if the package is broken.
3. Adopt appropriate glove to avoid broken and fall.
4. Avoid contact to oil, acid, copper, manganese and other materials that harm rubber latex;
5. Avoid exposure to sunlight, UV light and excess ozone environment;
6. Do not use this product if users allergy to natural latex;
7. Remove excessive residual powder under sterile environment, if necessary.
User Guideline
1. This product is non-ambidextrous, selection of correct size gloves and right hand is important;
2. Remove rings and other jewelry, and trim fingernails before donning the gloves,;
3. This product is single use, dispose the product according to medical disposal procedure preventing environmental
Storage:Should be stored in well-ventilated, cool dry storage (room temperature below 30 Celsius-degrees, relative
humidity below 80 percent ) and store on the shelves 200 mm above the ground

1. Product : Sterile Powder-free Latex Surgical Gloves
2. Material :Natural Rubber Latex 3、Type :Sterile By ETO Gas
4. Glove design & Feature :Anatomic shape, Textured Surface over part of the glove;Polymer coated 5、Cuff : Bended
6. Usage : For single use only 7、Color :Ivory
8. Packaging :2 pieces/ inner pouch,50 pouches / box,10boxes / carton. 9、Dimensions (Available in 7 sizes) :

SIZE GLOVE WEIGHT(g/piece) Palm Width (mm) Length (mm)
6 7.0±0.5 77±5 79±3 Min.260 Min.260
6.5 7.5±0.5 83±5 85±3 Min.260 Min.260
7 8.0±0.5 89±5 89±3 Min.270 Min.270
7.5 8.5±0.5 95±5 95±3 Min.270 Min.270
8 9.5±0.5 102±6 105±3 Min.270 Min.270
8.5 10.5±0.5 108±6 111±3 Min.280 Min.280
9 11±0.5 114±6 114±3 Min.280 Min.280


Location of Thickness Measurement Single wall (mm)smooth area
Finger Min.0.10 Min.0.16
Palm Min.0.10 Min.0.13
Cuff Min.0.10 Min.0.10

Physical Properties:

Before Aging After Aging
Force at break (N) Min.12.5 Min.12.5 Min.9.5 Min.9.5
Elongation (%) Min.700 Min.700 Min.550 Min.550

12.(Aqueous soluble) Protein Content :Max.200μg/dm2 13、Powder Level :Max.2mg/per piece for powder free
14. Compliance Standards :ISO 10282


Inspection Criteria: Inspection Level AQL
 (Sampling & Inspection: ISO 2859-1) Watertight Test   G1 1.5
Major Defects  G1 2.5
Minor Defects G1 4.0
Dimensions  S2  4.0
Physical Properties S2 4.0

16. Quality Assurance :ISO 13485 certified by TUV

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