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Tech. Sharing | Advantages and characteristics of freeze-dried facial mask

Freeze dried facial mask has high moisturizing effect. Freeze dried facial mask is also known as freeze-dried powder facial mask or freeze-dried solid facial mask. It keeps the facial mask and essence dry through vacuum freezing, sublimates the moisture, and forms a solid dry facial mask. This facial mask can effectively preserve nutrients. Freeze dried facial mask is more conducive to the preservation of effective active ingredients in facial mask than traditional wet facial mask

01 high activity

Deep freeze-drying retains the activity of raw materials, and the active ingredients are locked in the freshest and most effective state. It is fully released after encountering water, which maximizes the effect of effective active ingredients.

02 high stability

After freeze-drying treatment, the facial mask does not need to add any preservative. The activity of essence does not degrade with time and temperature, and continues to freeze in the freshest and effective state. When exposed to water, it will rejuvenate and release all its activity, enabling you to start pure and safe skin care efficacy.

03 high security

The freeze-dried facial mask dehydrates 99% of the active ingredients to a solid state through vacuum drying and saves them. Without adding preservatives, it can also ensure a long shelf life and is more gentle and friendly to the skin. Create a unique one-stage dynamic freeze-drying technology to transform the facial mask from a “liquid” state to a “solid” state and then to a “liquid” state. While quantitatively and stably storing the functional components, it truly realizes the lightweight leap and advanced efficacy of facial mask.


Post time: Nov-10-2022