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Tech. Sharing | Difference between freeze-dried facial mask and ordinary facial mask

1、Freeze drying means Freezing and drying. Under very low pressure and temperature, water will sublimate into steam for drying. Since there is no high temperature, the active ingredients in the object can be preserved, and the freeze-dried facial mask is dry. The greatest benefit of freeze-dried facial mask is to preserve the active ingredients of skin care, which can play the role of skin care to the greatest extent. Traditional facial mask is difficult to maintain these active ingredients
2、Because the freeze-drying technology can preserve the activity of raw materials, so that the heat sensitive active ingredients can be preserved, and the active ingredients can be locked in the freshest and most effective state. It can be fully released after encountering water. Therefore, compared with ordinary patch facial mask, freeze-dried facial mask can maximize the effect of effective active ingredients.
3、Both active ingredients and cloth are formulated with mild and non irritating formula. Since no preservative, essence, thickener and other additives are added, it is safer and non irritating, even for sensitive muscles. If your skin is sensitive or dull, you might as well try the freeze-dried facial mask to feel the charm of high technology.


Post time: Jul-18-2022