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Tech. Sharing | How does a smart watch detect sleep

1. First, use the built-in sensor to detect the state of people sleeping, light sleeping or not sleeping, because it can detect the effect of people’s heart rate, wrist movement frequency and amplitude. When the wrist movement frequency is fast, the amplitude is large, and the heart rate is high, it indicates that people sleep relatively shallow; When the wrist movement is very small, especially slight, and the heart rate is also low, it is deep sleep.

2. Secondly, the sensor will measure the heart rate and exercise parameters every two minutes. If the previous measurement results are similar to the current measurement results, it indicates that it has always been the same sleep mode, and then the accumulated time is the time of different stages such as deep sleep and light sleep, that is, the sleep time of each stage we last saw. Note that the sensor does not work all the time, and the time of deep sleep is cumulative, which is not necessarily continuous, It may be segmented.

3. Finally, make a comprehensive judgment by using the algorithm of the system in the watch, as well as AI technology and the quality of big data gap sleep, and then put forward some opinions on the possible problems in sleep, which is the working principle of smart watch to detect sleep.


Post time: Oct-28-2022