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Tech. Sharing | How to choose a suitable smart scale for you?

About the smart scale, there is a stress on the shape

At present, there are square and round intelligent scales on the market. In addition to personal preferences for shape, the area of the circular smart scale will be smaller than the rest assured area under the same size. The square area will be more stable and relatively more accurate.

Measurement range and accuracy

Measurement range and accuracy are the problems that people pay special attention to when choosing intelligent scales. The maximum load of general intelligent scales is about 150kg, which can meet the needs of most people. There are also differences in accuracy measurement. Intelligent scales with good quality can be accurate to 0.1kg, and products with average quality are generally estimated to an integer. The general smart scale can store the data of 8-16 users, which can meet the basic needs of a family.

According to the working principle of the intelligent scale, the biological resistance value is constantly changing under the influence of water and other factors in the body. Studies have shown that although the same indicator may fluctuate up and down after multiple measurements. Patients using pacemakers and defibrillators cannot use smart scales with bioelectrical resistance measurements.

Where is the smart scale?

Compared with traditional scales, smart scales can help users record and detect weight, and the data is synchronized with health analysis software. In addition to weight, the smart scale can also detect the body’s fat content, muscle density, bone mass and other values. One of the most concerned is BMI (body mass index).

BMI is a statistical tool used in public health research. It is a number obtained by dividing the weight in kilograms by the square of the height in meters. It is a standard commonly used internationally to measure the degree of obesity and fitness of the human body. BMI is an indicator that mainly reflects the overall weight and overall nutritional status, and is used as an indicator to measure obesity.

At present, the measurement data of smart scales on the market are synchronized to smart phones through app software, which supports Wi Fi or Bluetooth data connection. You can check the weight index curve for a period of time at any time, but it should be noted that the app software of smart scales is not exactly the same. You can also download app software to experience whether you like it.

Post time: Oct-19-2022