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| Now that the epidemic is normalized, why is everyone using oximeters?

A sudden epidemic has brought unprecedented attention to medical equipment, especially the related blood oxygen monitoring equipment is more important than ever! The new crown epidemic has brought a wave of market boom for oximeters. Why is everyone using oximeters today when epidemic prevention and control has become normalized?

Improve health awareness and actively prevent early screening. The outbreak of the epidemic has further enhanced people’s awareness of health prevention. Unlike when the new crown epidemic first broke out in 2020, it is currently at a stage where prevention is more important than treatment, and the home finger clip pulse oximeter is a home health device with “prevention” attributes.

Under the epidemic, many people use their own oximeters at home for home monitoring to keep abreast of the health status of themselves and their families. Once the blood oxygen saturation is found to be lower than the normal level, they can immediately seek medical treatment to avoid dangerous situations of disease. occur.

Post time: Jul-25-2023