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| The correct method of bubble facial mask

The use method of bubble facial mask is actually the same as that of ordinary facial mask. First clean the face and then apply the bubble facial mask.

1. Efficacy of bubble facial mask

1) Cleaning and moisturizing: bubble facial mask will generate bubbles when it meets oxygen, and it is these bubbles that can effectively remove dirt from skin and pores to achieve a good cleaning effect. The texture of bubble facial mask is creamy white. However, when the cream of bubble facial mask meets the oxygen in the air, the texture of the cream will change. After 3 seconds, bubbles start to appear on the face until the bubbles cover the whole face in one minute.

2) Whitening and detoxification: after using the bubble facial mask, you can obviously feel the skin on your face become white. In fact, this is because the bubble facial mask can take away the dirt deposited on the skin and the toxins in the skin, so it will appear white. Bubble facial mask must be washed with water after 15 minutes.

2. Correct use of bubble facial mask

1) First, remove the makeup on your face, then wash your face with facial cleanser and rinse it with warm water;

2) Then you can wet the towel with hot water, screw it to half dry, and then lay it on your face for about 10 minutes. This can open pores and promote absorption;

3) Prepare a bubble facial mask, apply it on your face after opening, smooth it with your hands, cover all important skin, and wait for about 15-20 minutes;

4) Take off the facial mask, then rinse the bubbles with water, and then apply skin care products as basic skin care.

Because the bubble facial mask belongs to the clean facial mask, if you feel dry after applying the bubble facial mask, you can use the patch facial mask to replenish water


Post time: Nov-22-2022