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Tech. Sharing | What age is lyophilized powder suitable for people

I believe many people have heard of freeze-dried powder, and even some people have started to use it. What age is lyophilized powder suitable for people?
Lyophilized powder is suitable for a wide range of ages, from 20 to 50 years old, or even older. Lyophilized powder can repair damaged cells, promote cell division and differentiation, and improve various skin problems. For different skin problems and skin characteristics of different age groups, we should also choose freeze-dried powder with different efficacy

20-year-old women can use freeze-dried powder, which can delay aging and maintain skin. Women in this age group may also face the problem of anti acne. Lyophilized powder can improve the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial ability of the skin and has a certain effect on anti acne.

30-year-old women can use it to improve the moisturizing degree of their skin, and can obviously fade small fine lines after use.

The skin of a 40 year old woman will become loose, the pores will become thick, and some fine lines or even macula will appear on the face. The freeze-dried powder can promote the differentiation of fibroblasts and the production of matrix. Skin firmness has also been significantly improved.

The use of freeze-dried powder by 50 year old women can improve skin metabolism and antioxidant effect, significantly delay aging, prevent the appearance of age spots, improve skin elasticity and make skin full of vitality.

Skin types suitable for freeze-dried powder: 1. Rough skin 2. Skin trauma, acne, acne 3. Relaxation and obvious wrinkles 4. Dark and dull skin 5. Computer radiation, ultraviolet radiation 6. Decreased skin elasticity and aging 7. Allergic skin 8.After photon-rejuvenation

Post time: Nov-29-2022