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Tech. Sharing | What kind of water is better for freeze-dried facial mask

The freeze-dried facial mask can be soaked with pure water, normal saline, distilled water and toner.
Because the freeze-dried facial mask may be waterless in the dilution process, it needs to add anhydrous lysozyme to dilute it. Some freeze-dried facial mask need to use mineral water or purified water, so the dilution medium of the freeze-dried facial mask is not fixed.
With the skin care industry becoming more and more professional and rigorous, freeze-drying technology has also been used in skin care products. Ensure the “original flavor” of the materials with medical grade methods. The biggest feature of the production process of facial mask is that the active ingredients are instantly frozen at -40 ℃ to keep the freshest and effective state, and then dehydrated to the solid state without water under vacuum aseptic conditions to ensure the original high activity and stability. The freeze-dried film cloth is sealed in a nitrogen environment and completely stored in a sleeping chamber. Without adding any preservatives, it can fully and permanently retain the activity of essence, and the ingredients stay in a more fresh and effective state, so as to obtain a freeze-dried facial mask, which makes the product properties more stable.
Freeze dried facial mask is one of the few skin care products that can pass the national sterility test without adding any additional additives. The facial mask contains no preservatives, essence, etc. it is suitable for people with sensitive skin and pregnant women. Since the freeze-dried facial mask extracts water and is instantly frozen at low temperature, it is a dry facial mask. When it is used, it only needs to pour 20ml to 35ml pure water, normal saline, distilled water or toner. After waiting for a while, it will become a facial mask full of essence. There are also some facial mask with brand soaking water. Use water to soak the facial mask. The first use of freeze-dried powder facial mask can be used continuously for three days, followed by 2-3 times a week as consolidation. The freeze-dried facial mask can promote the metabolism of the skin and allow the skin to complete a complete cycle in about a month.

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Post time: Jul-07-2022