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Tech. Sharing | What types of air sterilizers are there? How should I choose?

At present, there are several types of high-voltage discharge ozone machines, ultraviolet rays, photocatalysts, and plasmas that are more common in the market, but they all have their own advantages and disadvantages.
1. Ozone can complete the oxidation in a very short time, and the effect of sterilization and disinfection is very good, but ozone has a pungent odor, which is harmful to the human respiratory system and nervous system. Excessive adsorption will cause emphysema or even death. Coexistence, slow odor volatilization, at least 30 minutes after stopping, inconvenient to use, low safety and strong corrosiveness, long-term use is likely to cause corrosion to indoor metal equipment.
2. Short-wave ultraviolet rays can destroy the molecular structure of DNA or RNA in microbial cells to achieve the effect of sterilization and disinfection. The closer you are to the object being sterilized, the more and faster the bacteria are killed. The UV sterilizer can irradiate and sterilize the room on a large scale without anyone else. It is necessary to replace the lamp regularly. The strong ultraviolet rays will burn the skin and seriously damage the retina. However, some manufacturers have specially designed UV sterilizers that can realize the coexistence of humans and machines. For example, the UV air sterilizer of Vinnie Vincent Medical group has some special patented designs. When the machine is working, personnel can be on site.
3. Photocatalyst air disinfection machine, also known as light plasma disinfection: using nano-photocatalyst materials (mainly titanium dioxide), in coordination with ultraviolet radiation, to generate negative oxygen ions and hydroxyl radicals for air purification and disinfection. After the photocatalyst material is used for a period of time, the purification efficiency will be greatly reduced due to dust cover and other reasons.
4. The plasma air sterilizer uses a high-voltage electrostatic field to ionize oxygen molecules into positive and negative oxygen ions with positive and negative charges. The positive oxygen ions have a high kinetic energy breakdown effect and can break the chemical bonds of the microbial molecular structure, thereby To achieve the purpose of sterilization, disinfection and decomposition of harmful gases. Negative oxygen ions can adsorb electrostatically charged soot and dust particles in the air, causing sedimentation to achieve the purpose of dust removal. Negative oxygen ions are of great benefit to human health. They can improve lung function, improve myocardial function, improve sleep, promote metabolism, and enhance disease resistance. For example: Vinnie Vincent Medical group’s plasma air sterilizer has a germ killing rate of over 99.99%, and it has a stronger killing ability.


Post time: Jul-14-2022