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Tech. Sharing | Whether bubble facial mask cleans pores

Bubble facial mask is really effective. It can purify and expel turbidity, improve acne, remove blackheads, etc. if it is used as a clean facial mask, the effect is better, but its effect should be treated rationally. Many businesses will exaggerate and publicize it, such as detoxification, beauty care, etc. even if the number and color of foam are different, the skin condition can be seen. These effects are actually controversial. Bubble facial mask belongs to clean facial mask, and many large brands have also launched similar products. Its effect is generally deep cleaning, purification and turbidity removal, etc., which can improve acne and blackheads.

Its main function is cleaning. It can absorb dirt in pores to clean and dredge pores. However, some of the cleaning effects are good and some are general. It can not be said that all bubble facial mask have good pore cleaning effects. However, some businesses will publicize this bubble facial mask to make it look particularly magical. For example, the more bubbles, the dirtier the skin, the Yellow bubbles, and the clogged pores. These are suspected of exaggerating the publicity. The main reason is that it is different from the ordinary facial mask, and some bubbles will be generated after the face is applied, causing many people to feel very surprised.

If you choose bubble facial mask, you’d better choose some bigger and more regular brands. It’s recommended that you choose carefully. If you don’t use a regular brand, don’t trust the so-called magical effects.


Post time: Nov-22-2022