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Tech. Sharing | Why choose intelligent sphygmomanometer

Intelligent sphygmomanometer is an intelligent medical device that uses a variety of communication means (Bluetooth, USB cable, GPRS, WiFi, etc.) to upload the measurement data of the electronic sphygmomanometer to the cloud through intelligent processing, so as to realize real-time or automatic timing measurement and record the user's blood pressure value, intelligently analyze the changes of blood pressure, and timely conduct continuous and dynamic monitoring of hypertensive patients and concurrent diseases.
Most smart sphygmomanometers provide supporting mobile app. In addition to the necessary data statistics and analysis functions, app can also provide many value-added services. For example, the functions of measurement, medication and exercise reminder enable users not to forget to take medicine on time. Some also provide health consulting services, such as asking questions in the app and having professional doctors answer them.
The cloud keeps continuous historical data and establishes permanent health records for users. It can analyze, count and report users' health and disease status, provide the best health and disease diagnosis scheme, and instantly understand and track users' health status and disease prevention. Realize the new management mode of health and disease intelligent medical treatment.
Another feature of intelligent sphygmomanometers is that they can share measurement data. When parents measure their blood pressure at home, each time the data will be uploaded to the cloud in time and synchronized to their families' mobile phones in real time. At the same time, other family members can be invited to participate in their parents' health management to realize family sharing.


Post time: Jul-20-2022