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Tech. Sharing | Why is the oxygen concentration standard for medical oxygen generators 93%±3%?

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The oxygen concentration range of household oxygen generators is large, generally in the range of 30%-90%±3%. With an average oxygen concentration of about 35%, it is suitable for office workers and students. It can eliminate fatigue, restore and improve sleep; generally 60% oxygen concentration is suitable for the elderly, long-term use, the elderly can prolong life. For patients, 90% oxygen concentration meets medical oxygen standards.

According to the relevant regulations of the State Food and Drug Administration, medical oxygen must reach 93% before it can be used in clinical treatment. Why is the oxygen concentration standard for medical oxygen generators 93%±3%?

The main reason is that the human body will also inhale some air containing 20.98% oxygen purity when inhaling oxygen with the help of a medical oxygen concentrator, so that the actual inhaled oxygen concentration will also be diluted accordingly. According to the test, the oxygen concentration of the inhaled throat is usually about 45%. According to the structural characteristics of the human body, oxygen inhalation has to go through a 32-level attenuation process. In fact, when the oxygen concentration is about 93%, the oxygen concentration used by the human body after inhaling oxygen is about 30%. Therefore, in order to ensure that the patient can receive oxygen-assisted treatment normally, the oxygen concentration must reach about 93% to ensure the patient’s oxygen demand.

Medical oxygen production equipment belongs to the second-class medical device management according to regulations, and is approved and registered by the provincial food and drug supervision department. Oxygen generators are all within the management scope of the food and drug supervision department. They are not only suitable for the auxiliary treatment of hospital patients and the oxygen demand of special industries, but also provide effective medical oxygen for patients who need home oxygen therapy.

Post time: Jul-25-2022