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Promotional Wall Mounted Sterilizer air sterilizer

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Promotional Wall Mounted Sterilizer air sterilizer
Manual And Reservation Mode Can Meet Customer’s More Needs.
Magnetic Remote Control Can Stick To Machine Cover, Easy To Operate And Much More Convenient.
Machine Will Show Accumulated Working Time And Gives Alarm When Filter Need To Cleaned, Simple And Clear.

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Product parameters:

Parameters of uv Medical Air Disinfector
Model KXZ-B-600
Installation Wall type
Dimension (mm³) 900x380x160
Dimension After Packing(mm³) 970x450x230
N.W(kg) 18
G.W(kg) 20
Rated Air Volume(m³%h) 600
Applicable Volume (m³*) 60
Volume (dB(A) 55
Input Power (W) 155
Number Of Negative ions(per m³)2 6×10^6
Disinfection Time (min) 60
Bacteria killing rates 99.99%
Natural Bacteria Extinction Rate 90.00%
Ozone Formation (g/h) 2 5
Ultraviolet Radiation Intensity 10000( uw/cm*) 2

Comprehensive Functions And Easy To Operate
1.Manual And Reservation Mode Can Meet Customer’s More Needs.
2.Magnetic Remote Control Can Stick To Machine Cover, Easy To Operate And Much More Convenient
3.Machine Will Show Accumulated Working Time And Gives Alarm When Filter Need To Cleaned, Simple And Clear.
4.The Reservation Mode Can Realize Switching On And Off In Six Periods. 5.High, Medium And Low Wind Speed Adjustable.
6.Automatic Fault Alarm Function.

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